Introduction to Geomembrane: Types and its Application

Introduction to Geomembrane: Types and its Application

What are geomembranes?

Geomembranes are exactly what they sound like: impermeable membranes used to prevent leakage of contaminants into the environment and man-made structures. Geomembranes are made of synthetic polymers.

Unlike other methods of preserving the environment from contamination like cement and asphalt lining, geomembranes are fool-proof in blocking all forms of hazardous gases, liquids, and solids. Geomembranes are flexible, portable, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

At Megaplast, we manufacture technically superior geomembranes that are high strength, UV stabilized, and excellent in chemical resistance. Our geomembranes are used for a multitude of applications from water conservation to waste disposal landfills, mine tailings, heap leach pads, and mining extraction of precious minerals and metals. Our premium quality, consistency in services, and wide range make us one of the leading geomembrane manufacturers in India.


Types of geomembranes

Megaplast understands that the work you do requires customized solutions. Therefore, we have come up with an extensive line of geomembranes available in various sizes, densities, finishes, and designs.

  • HDPE Smooth - HDPE Smooth geomembranes are majorly used for lining projects which require low permeability, ultraviolet resistance, and exceptional chemical properties.
  • LLDPE Smooth - LLDPE Smooth geomembranes are designed for waste containment applications, which usually require a greater degree of flexibility and elongation.
  • HDPE Textured - HDPE Textured geomembranes are available in two categories - with a single or double-sided textured surface, that performs with superior strength and a high level of durability against multiaxial impacts.
  • LLDPE Textured - LLDPE Textured geomembranes are available in two categories - with single or double-sided textured surfaces. The high-quality textured surface enables increased friction between the layers & the steep slopes of a landfill.

Applications of geomembranes

Our Geomembrane liner range is specially formulated for each specific application. Renowned for their imperviousness, high chemical resistance, durability, and corrosion protection, they form a vital part of multiple civil engineering, waste management, and mining projects to name a few.

Here’s what our geomembranes are used for:

  • Waste management -
  • a. Landfill lining
    b. Capping
    c. Animal & bio-waste management

  • Mining -
  • a. Lining
    b. Capping
    c. Closures
    d. Heap leach pads
    e. Tailing dams
    f. Salt evaporation ponds
    g. Gypsum, and potassium stacking

  • Floating covers -
  • a. Floating reservoir covers
    b. Industrial floating covers

  • Oil & gas -
  • a. Secondary containment tank pad lining in petrochemical
    b. Drilling pads
    c. Waste containment

  • Aquaculture -
  • a. Oceans
    b. Ponds
    c. Rivers

  • Water resources -
  • a. Canal lining
    b. Tank linings
    c. Ponds
    d. Lagoons
    e. Dams
    f. Water reservoirs

  • Coal -
  • a. Coal ash
    b. Coalbed methane gas

  • Embankment dams -
  • a. Dam lining

  • Tunnels -
  • a. Lining of railway tunnels
    b. Road tunnels to tackle automobile traffic


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