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  • PE Bags

    Customised printed bags in an array of style, sizes and colors

    Designed for increased capacity, stability & fine printing, we can seamlessly make custom fabricated, printed PE Bags for your brand. Ideal for retail, promotional & industrial use, these bags can be made as per your specifications & requirements.

Product Range

Available in various density, finishes and designed as per end-user application

  • Loop Handle Bags

    Built with soft but durable handles and a body surface that can carry finely printed designs, these are bags make the perfect shopping bags that convey an upscale look.

    Ideal for customers who might purchase a delicate pie or a large item, which is difficult to carry, this bag can hold them both with increased stability, leaving them happy and satisfied.

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  • T-shirt Bags

    With an expandable side gusset and strong handles at the top, our T-shirt bags are made with increased strength & durability.

    Moreover, these bags are demanded by the customers who want to use for storing food & non-food items such as, biscuits, pharmaceuticals, soft drink concentrate, and so on.

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  • Die cut Bags

    Made as per customer convenience, to resist tearing and stretching, these Die-cut bags are ideal for any retail application. They have gusseted bottoms, that allow room for bulkier items.

    Plastic retail bag with a die cut handle can be custom made and printed as per your requirements.

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  • Patch handle Bags

    Our Patch handle bags offer a second layer of reinforcement around the die cut handle. The product allows a fully enhanced view of printed design on the bag making it clearly visible. We also we offer glue patch and heat patch options.

    These Bags are very popular for jewelry, clothing, books, and small gift items.

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  • Wicket Bags

    We manufacture wicket bags that meet industry approved specifications, making them ideal for food contact. They are designed to easily dispense in fully automatic or semi-automatic packaging lines. Perfect for packaging & presenting any product. An excellent way to close the bag is either heat sealing, crimped with a C-Ring, tied or taped shut.

    They can be made as per your specifications in size, density & colour.

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  • Drawtape Bags

    These draw tape bags feature durable plastic drawstrings which ensure a tight closure & is easy to hold. The bag is made of superior quality polyethylene, which ensures strength & flexibility of the product, for a durable use.

    These bags are a perfect solution for trade show giveaways, hotel laundry service, hospitals, etc., as they can be custom made with print, drawtapes style and size specifications.

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  • Garbage Bags

    Made for daily functional usage, these garbage bags are made from the best quality biodegradable materials, to resist tearing. These bags are strong and sturdy, effective to collect garbage in the commercial & industrial areas, hotels, hospitals, homes and others.

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Product Range

Available in various density, finishes and designed as per end-use application

  • Non-Woven T-shirt bags

    Non woven handle bags are widely used in supermarkets and made using high grade material with excellent load bearing properties.

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  • Non-Woven Die Cut Bags

    These bags give a premium feel and widely used by departmental stores and retailers and available in various thickness.

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  • Non-Woven Box Bags

    These are a smarter alternative to paper bags. They offer durability and prevent contents from getting affected by moisture.

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Product Range

Available in various density, finishes and designed as per end-user application

  • E-Retail Bags

    Our e-retail bags come with a flap which has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure along with adequate space for unique sequential numbering and barcoding. It also has a Double Tape POD pouch for insertion of airway bill or consignment notes.

    These bags are popular amongst E-commerce companies for the secure movement of their goods and their items purchased online by their customers.

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  • Security Bags

    Majorly used for safe movement of cash, confidential documents and valuables. These bags are popularly used for Police Services, examination papers, diamonds, precious metals, foreign exchange, election papers, cash in-transits, passport etc.

    Designed for high security, these bags offer reliable special security seal which shows evidence of tampering, security edge print on the side seals and extremely strong tear resistant double shrink side welds.

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  • Bubble Envelopes

    Widely used for online shopping, these bubble envelopes provide extra protection to the products inside through a bubble lining on the inside, making them perfect for shipping small semi-fragile items.

    Famously used to ship small products of high value that include electronics (cell phones, iPods, iPads) jewelry (watches, bracelets, necklaces, memory cards, pen drives) and sensitive equipment such as small scales, calculators and more.

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  • Courier Bags

    These bags are designed to face rugged use & prevent peeking into the package inside. Once tampered with, it cannot be taken back to its original state, ensuring the customer that the product is untouched.

    They are most widely used in e-Commerce Packaging and courier companies.

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We test their true strength before they reach you

  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Tear Testing Machine (ElemendorfMethode)
  • Dart Impact Tester
  • Colormatching Booth
  • Thickness Gauge Metre (Digital)
  • Optical Densitometre (For Opacity Testing)
  • Weighing Scale (Digital)
  • Muffle Furnace

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Our manufacturing facility is spread over 75,000 sq. ft. floor area and equipped with highly precise, automated machinery where we produce Plastic Bags for a variety of end-use applications.

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